ATLANTA (July 8) FRQNCY Media’s commitment to bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the podcast industry hit a new milestone this month with the launch of Untying the Knots,” a new series by family law attorneys Dawn Smith and Kristen Files.

For Smith and Files, the endeavor was a natural extension of their partnership as co-owners of the Atlanta-based family law practice Smith & Files LLC, where they specialize in areas such as adoption, child custody, divorce and domestic violence.

The attorneys, both podcast enthusiasts, thought of the idea after realizing there might be value in sharing the advice and epiphanies that frequently resulted from conversations with clients, judges, family therapists and their own families. Smith and Files brought their vision to FRQNCY whose team helped to refine the idea through its research-driven podcast development process, and then ushered them through production from start to finish.
“So many of us carry family trauma – whether we’re products of divorce, have been through divorce or have suffered from another form of family trauma,” said FRQNCY founder and CEO Michelle Khouri. “The moment FRQNCY’s content strategy team first met Dawn and Kristen, we knew they had something important to bring to our world. I believe wholeheartedly in ‘Untying the Knots’ ability to help its listeners heal and avoid further trauma.”

The pilot season will feature 10 episodes, with the first debuting Wednesday, July 1. Episodes will be released weekly through September 2.

Speaking from Experience

Each episode features issues the two have faced in their practice or personal lives. Smith and Files offer listeners practical advice and tangible resources punctuated by their own experiences as well as those of their guests.

Both hosts come from families of divorce. Smith herself, a mother of two young adult boys, is divorced and has since remarried. Files co-parents her teenage daughter with her ex, who is now engaged to be married.

“Our personal stories are both unique and universal. They give us great perspective to help those going through challenging times.” said Files. “We believe family impacts everything, and we want to use our knowledge to help others be intentional about how to walk through the crises they’re experiencing, but with more compassion and empathy.”

Smith and Files also promise straight talk and interesting stories. “We’ll tell you about what we’ve been through and how that has influenced us,” added Smith. “We want to help our listeners avoid some of the mistakes we’ve seen our clients make, certainly the mistakes we’ve made, and the mistakes our parents made. We want to be a resource as families navigate the difficulties that come with untying the knots.”

Timely Debut

When the idea of “Untying the Knots” first emerged, Smith and Files had no idea how timely it would be. The hosts were entering into production when COVID-19 hit, but instead of allowing the pandemic to slow their pace, they recognized the increased value the show would have.

“We were not only addressing issues that were becoming more prevalent because of COVID-19, such as divorce and domestic abuse, but also providing an avenue for those in need to receive counsel without having to walk through our doors,” said Smith.

“This show would not be what it is today without the FRQNCY team,” added Files. “When the pandemic hit, they did not miss a beat. Together we revisited every aspect of the show, from our content strategy to our recording process. They were nimble, encouraging and made sure we felt comfortable with any changes that needed to be made. They supported us in finding the right tone and in making sure our content remained relevant. We always felt supported and equipped.”

As part of their desire to be responsive to the times, Smith and Files were able to add a bonus episode to the series titled, “Dawn and Kristen Talk about Race,” in the days following the death of George Floyd. “Untying the Knots” is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. To learn more, visit

With the release of “Untying the Knots,” Smith & Files now join the ranks of other FRQNCY collaborators, such as Diane von Furstenberg, The Coca-Cola Company, SalesLoft, Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. FRQNCY also produces Khouri’s The Cultured Podcast.