ATLANTA (March 5) For family lawyers, you will not see big headlines of million dollar transactions or six figure fees, if they are doing their job. For partner Dawn Smith, what motivates her is the achievement of an outcome that benefits the family as a whole. Whether representing the husband, wife, or partner, Dawn takes a holistic approach to the “changing family.” What is fair? What is best for the children? It is not about winning.

Dawn has been recognized again this year as one of the top 100 lawyers in the state of Georgia as well as top 50 women. In addition ALL of the lawyers she works with at Smith and Files have also been recognized as either a Super Lawyer or a Rising Star. Besides being a great attorney, Dawn is a great mentor, coworker, collaborator and cheerleader to those around her. “One of the pleasures of my professional life is to work with women I not only admire greatly but also who bring a variety of perspectives, beliefs and values to the workplace” said Dawn Smith.

Congratulations to all of the Smith and Files Super Lawyers – Dawn Smith, Sheri Lake, Alice Limehouse, Kristen Files and Laura Sclafani. And thanks to all at Smith and Files who support their efforts!

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