Our divorce attorneys understand that couples enter into marriage with the firm belief that the relationship will last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, in many cases marriages do not last and every member of the family unit is affected.  Divorce is not a simple process and usually presents immense challenges to all parties involved.  Because of this, our experienced family law attorneys take care in guiding clients through the myriad of personal and financial decisions involved in the process.  We also help them anticipate and plan for short and long-term consequences of those decisions.  Among the issues that the divorcing couple, and ultimately the Court, will have to consider are:

  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Alimony
  • Child Support

Our divorce attorneys are skilled at helping clients reach the best results in these areas in all cases, including cases involving significant assets, issues of business valuation and high conflict custody disputes.

After a client’s divorce is resolved, our attorneys are able to enforce resulting court orders as they relate to alimony or child support, as well as child custody and visitation. If changes occur that impact either party’s ability to comply with such orders, we help clients seek modifications to them. For example, children’s needs may change or either party in the divorce may have a change in their financial situation due to an increase or decrease in income. As these material changes in circumstances occur, our divorce attorneys are able to guide clients as they renegotiate the terms of their divorce agreement, as well as any alimony, child custody and access, or child support agreements.

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