Domestic violence is terribly demanding. It is completely awful because it is happening in a family where people are meant to love and care for each other. Domestic violence, threatened by a spouse and other violent behavior can cause serious effects on family members physically and emotionally.  In extreme cases, the consequences may even be fatal. In extreme cases the outcome can be severe.

Our Smith & Files lawyers have a high experience in handling domestic violence matters including assistance in the establishment of the domestic violence assistance project in Fulton County at the “Safe Families” office. Most often, these matters involve requests for or enforcement of Protective Orders, also often called restraining order which is a court order directing someone to have no contact, or only contact under specified conditions, with the person who obtains the order. These Protective Orders relate to acts of abuse that have been threatened or committed by a spouse, domestic partner or other family members.

Smith & Files Lawyers are serious about protecting all individuals from acts of domestic violence. As we assist clients with these types of matters, we listen carefully to their needs and concerns. We maintain sensitivity to each unique situation and work as quickly as possible to protect our clients, their rights and to ensure the safety of all.

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