Our lawyers at Smith & Files Law are considered leading in the realm of Guardian ad Litem (GAL). They work in contested custody matters in Georgia. In the case of disputed custody and parenting time cases GALs are appointed according to the Court orders on regular basis for performing investigations so that they can make recommendations to the Court for custody, parenting time and other matters related to children. Dawn Smith has authored much of the material she used to train GALs in the state and has trained hundreds of attorneys to serve as Guardian ad Litem (GAL). A lawyer who is in service of guardian ad litem has unique perception for the whole workings of the divorce courts and the methods which are used for resolving a range of divorce and custody matters. It is a high honor and trust from the court to be appointed as a guardian ad litem.

In addition to this, she is normally appointed to serve as GAL by courts throughout metro Atlanta. In this area the whole experience of the lawyers at Smith & Files Law is irreplaceable for clients whose cases have been assigned a Guardian ad Litem (GAL). We are proficient at guiding clients through the GAL process and in framing the most effective and accurate presentation to GALs for clients. Our expert lawyers help clients in obtaining custody and parenting time plans that are considered in the best interests of children.


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